Lottery project: last project as a freelancer

Freelancers deal with some many projects all through their career. Projects that vary across several niches and industries from animation, to writing, content development, gaming and gambling, casino and lottery projects.

The last project freelancers handle before they retire from freelancing sticks to their memory for a lifetime. As a freelancer that has handled a lottery project as the very final project before getting permanent employment with a gaming and gambling industry, my knowledge and experience of lottery remains sharp and bright for life. Follow me carefully as I reel out what I found out about lottery on my last gig as a freelancer in graphics design.

What is lottery? A lottery is an integral part of gambling. And it involves the random selections of numbers for a gift, award or prize. Not every governing body or authority reckon with lottery; however, some back it up fully that they formulate a watchdog or lottery organization that regulates all the lottery activities performed in the country.

Lottery regulations involve the prohibition of lottery sales to underage and accreditation and certification of lottery vendors that sell lottery tickets before they sell. At a point in time in history, lottery became so illegal in some countries. But after World War II, all kinds of lotteries started to re-surface into the gambling industries.

Lotteries are in different types where some come with a set amount of money or awards. And this is why vendors ensure the number of tickets sold for a particular lottery covers the prize awards and other remunerations. Ideally, lottery prize and revenue always comes as 50:50 draw; this means the lottery organizers give out 50% of the revenue they generated from tickets, contribution, and other sources.

In recent times, different lotteries give purchasers the opportunity to pick multiple lottery tickets, which opens them to the chances of winning more. People pay to participate in a lottery. And in some cases consideration are given to people who contest or take part in a lottery unlike other gambling packages like casino games and sports betting.

Some lotteries pay participants in a lump sum while some pay an annuity payment. The lump sum is a portion, that is smaller than the popularized payments. Most times, it covers about 1/3 of the announced jackpots made in the advertisement. Whereas, annuity payment in lotteries takes a longer of period time of about 20 to 30 years.

Taking a lottery project as my last freelancing project means a lot to my freelancing career. It opened my eyes to the other parts of the gambling industry that I wasn’t aware of. The project requires me to take up some additional lessons to beef up my graphic design skills. The project was performed for one of my Dutch clients. Though it took some time to come up with the concepts and ideas for the designs of the lottery project, it came out beautifully well.

Moreover, since I got hired as a permanent staff in the new company I work for, I don’t take projects from new clients anymore. However, I still look back at the great clients and projects I have worked on, most notably the lottery project.