About Me

My name is Hasret Sahin and I am energetic and creative designer. I design everything from postcards, business cards, websites, promotional material and even cars!

I have had the honor to study at different top design schools around the world where I gathered a lot of experience within the design space.

I am born in Libanon but have lived most of my life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love Holland and Europe and don’t think I could ever wan’t to leave Holland. I love traveling as I believe it broadens the mind and it also stimulates me to be more creative in my design work.

In addition to design I love music and food. I spend a lot of my time producing my own music and looking for new music to be inspired by to improve my own music. Important for me to mention is that music and food is just a hobby of mine and my really big passion is design.

With food I love that there are endless of ways to put together a meal. Like with music and design I am a big fan for experimenting with food or experimenting in general to find new solutions or new ways to do something.

I have never worked at a company as a designer and that is a choice I have made not that I have not received a lot of offers to work for some clients of mine but it’s just because I wan’t to be able to decide myself what direction I should take when it comes to my work and my personal development.

As of late I have been very interested in working with video graphics and specially in the fantastic software Adobe After Effects. I have published some of my video work on the video effects marketplace VideoHive. If you are interested in my video work then please have a look at VideoHive or send me a email.